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Endorsement® Renewal

The Rhode Island Association for Infant Mental Health (RIAIMH) maintains requirements for annual renewal of the RIAIMH Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health (RI-IMH-Endorsement®) that are aligned with practices supported by The Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health (Alliance). Endorsed® professionals will receive an email from the EASy system notifying them when it is time to renew.

Renewal Requirements

  • Maintain & Renew RIAIMH membership annually
  • Participate in a minimum of 15 clock hours per year of relationship-based education, training, and/or professional development related to the promotion of infant/toddler social-emotional health and development and/or the practice of Infant Mental Health (IMH). Indicate alignment with the IMH competency guidelines.
  • For those professionals who provide RS/C, 3 out of 15 hours of training need to be about RSC.
  • IFS, IMHS, IMHM professionals are required to participate in a minimum of 24 clock hours per year of RSC. Peer supervision or collaborative consultation (with those endorsed at the same category) will count.
  • After an Infant Mental Health Mentor-Clinical (IMHM-C) professional has maintained the IMHM-C Endorsement® for 3 years, they are required to receive at least 10 RSC hours annually.
  • If an endorsed professional submitted an Application in the prior year, they are not required to submit training and/or RSC hours again, but they will keep their RIAIMH membership current. 
  • For example, if an Applicant submits in September of 2021, they do not have to submit a record of training and/or RSC in January of 2022 but will need to have an up-to-date membership for 2022. That professional’s first renewal submission will be due in January 2023 documenting training and/or RSC that was accrued in the 2022 calendar year. Plus, maintain an AIMH membership for 2023
Should you have additional questions, please contact the RIAIMH Endorsement Coordinator at Endorsement@riaimh.org 

Renewal Steps

  1. Login to your EASy application.
  2. Open your PROFILE and update your RIAIMH Membership expiration DATE and any other information that needs updating or completing.
  3. Open the Training tab and enter as many Training entries as needed to fulfill the 15-hour annual renewal requirement.
  4. Open the Supervision tab and enter as many Supervision entries as needed to fulfill the 24-hour annual renewal requirement.
  5. From your Dashboard, select “Submit for Renewal”.  You need to enter at least one training for the “submit” button to appear. Please do not click on the “submit” button until all your Training and Supervision entries are indicated. Once you click the “submit” button, an email alert is sent to the RIAIMH Endorsement Coordinator that your application is complete and ready for review. 
  6. You will be prompted to re-read and re-agree to The Code of Ethics that you agreed to during the Endorsement® application process. 
  7. Upon agreeing to the Code of Ethics, your annual renewal will be submitted to the RIAIMH Endorsement® Coordinator.
  8. You will receive an automated email from EASy that confirms that your renewal has been submitted
  9. The RIAIMH Endorsement® Coordinator will review your renewal submission. 
  10. The RIAIMH Endorsement Coordinator will contact you if s/he has any questions about your renewal. 
  11. If you successfully completed your renewal, the RIAIMH Endorsement Coordinator will change the status back to “Endorsed.” 
  12. You will receive an automated email from EASy that notifies you that your Endorsement® was renewed.

Renewal Fees

Due to the economic hardships caused by the relentless pandemic, RIAIMH has waived the Annual Endorsement Renewal fee for 2022. (Membership dues ($30) must be paid).  

Starting in 2023, there will be a renewal fee in addition to membership dues.

However, if you are not feeling the pervasive financial hardship and wish to submit an Endorsement Renewal Fee, please do so by donating to RIAIMH at an amount that is comfortable for you. Thank you so very much for supporting IECMH-Endorsement in Rhode Island!

Thank you!!

Reinstatement if Endorsement® Lapses:

If a professional fails to update their RIAIMH membership and/or annual Endorsement® renewal by January 31st of any year they will be removed from the Endorsement® Registry (after multiple attempts on behalf of the RIAIMH to reach out and request updates).


If a professional would like to be reinstated to the Endorsement® Registry after removal, they must:

  • If previously endorsed via EASy, the Applicant will log into their application and add any new education, work, in-service training and reflective supervision/consultation experiences that have been accrued since removal from the registry.  They do not have to create a new application for this purpose.  Additionally, they will get three updated reference ratings (via EASy) and pay the Endorsement Processing Fee.   https://riaimh.myeasy.org/ 

  • The Applicant must have an up to date RIAIMH membership. www.riaimh.org 

RIAIMH is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

RIAIMH is a founding member of the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health.

RIAIMH is an affiliate of the World Association for Infant Mental Health.

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