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Community Conversation Series

RIAIMH's Community Conversation Series (CCS) is a 6-session (monthly) series that is organized around a broad theme to showcase IMH-relevant research, clinical practice, and/or policy work in RI.  Our goal is to offer professional development opportunities that serve to enhance knowledge of (and are aligned with) the RI Infant Mental Health Competencies and Endorsement®.  Participants are encouraged to attend the full series to experience the arc of conversation about the topic, deepen connections with others in the RI infant/family workforce community, and broaden awareness of the range of innovative leaders in RI. 

The 202 Community Conversation Series facilitates an understanding of Zero to Thrive's "Strong Roots" model, designed to promote resilience in pregnant women and families with young children, highlighting the power of positive relationships for healing.  We partner with the different service sectors in RI to learn from local leaders about how their unique programs might be aligned with (or informed by) the Strong Roots model.  Discussions include the needs of the workforce to implement programs that hold relationships in mind for the wellbeing of RI's babies, the 5 core components of the model in relation to the different sector, and discussions around issues of race, power, inequity and bias as we explore implications for mental health and wellbeing of infants, young children, and their families.

Total PD: 2 hours/session; up to 12 contact hours/year

RIAIMH offers NASW and CNE credits, and CELP PD hours for most events. Please see event registration for more information.

General CEU eligibility requirements below. 

The Community Conversation series is open everyone. RIAIMH members may attend at no cost.

All session in this series offer IMH Competencies® aligned with the session's learning objectives. The IMH Competencies® are listed on the Attendance Certificate.

2021 Community Conversation Series

Strong Roots Encounters: Equity Matters For Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health

Kate Rosenblum, PhD., IMH-E® and Susan Dickstein, PhD., IMH-E®

Session Dates:
February 23, March 23, April 27, June 15, September 28, October 12, and November 9, 2021

Shout-out to Joe Carr for sharing his gift of music with us on 4/27!

June 15, 2021,  8:30-10:30a. 

Session #4: Creating Space to Discuss Racial Equity and Social Justice to Promote IMH: Reflections on RIAIMH’s Commitment to the Work


Danita Roberts, President, RIAIMH Board of Directors, HFA National Training and TA

Robert T. Jones, Chief Empowerment
Officer, T. Lee Associates

Maryann M. Lynch, IMH-E®, RIAIMH Endorsement Coordinator

The Tree video. The Wondering Response Wheel video. Balanced Caregiving video.

These 3 videos were shared during the CCS session #1, 2/23/21

Click on the "Zero to Thrive" above, it will bring you to the Strong Roots page. Scroll to the bottom and all 3 videos are there.

Susan Dickstein, PhD, IMH-E, Executive Director RIAIMH

Katherine Rosenblum, PhD, IMH-E, Director Zero to Thrive

Comments from April 27th's Community Conversation Series:

"Would it be nice if the term "foster parent" was broadened to include the notion of actually fostering the parenting skills of the bio parents."

"Speaker response: I really appreciate the point — the language we use is so important, and like the notion of thinking of fostering as nurturing, supporting, partnering, collaborating, relating."

"The Dept is really encouraging FPs to be involved in the family's visitation so the children/parents involved see/feel a connection between all caregivers!"

"I think about the amount of time that home visitors spend in reflective supervision and how something like that might be helpful for foster parents, not sure that it is even possible but it's work they are doing and it should be supported like work."

"love your metaphor of a wheel and spokes— and am thinking that these types of cross-system community conversations/sharing experiences/stories and problem solving together become part of the “hub”

Toward the end of the April session, we were asked to answer a couple of questions:

1) What did you find most valuable about today’s session?
2) How might you use SR principles you learned about today in your own work?

This Word Art "2 Hands Holding the Same Heart" is made up participant's thoughts, feelings, lessons learned, and much more.

Thank you for your thoughtful responses, your participation is how change is made and systems improve for our families.

Some wonderful phrases that came out of today's discussion:

"Spokes of a wheel - All of us are spokes"

"Being aware is halfway there."

"Infant Mental Health IS Social Justice."

"We don't say parents, we say caregivers."

"We can still acknowledge how far we have come, even though there is more to do."


Registration and Cancellation:

Pre-registration is required. Cancellation requests emailed to the event manager prior to 11:59 pm on Wednesdays before event, will receive a full refund. No refunds for cancellation requests received on or after Wednesday, regardless of the cause for cancellation including failure to join meeting on the day of the training. If the training cannot be held due to circumstances beyond the hosts’ control (natural disaster, strike, fire, severe weather, illness of speaker, speaker cancellation, etc.) the seminar will be rescheduled, if possible, and the registration fee applied to that date. If rescheduling is not possible or registrant cannot attend the rescheduled date, reimbursement will be provided less any actual costs accrued.

Instructions for ZOOM will be included in the confirmation and reminder email sent to all participants upon completion of registration.

For questions please contact Maryann Lynch, the RIAIMH Community Conversation Series Coordinator, program@riaimh.org 

Post Event Evaluation:

Nearly every RIAIMH event will have a post evaluation survey. We strive to include our members in many aspects of our Association and asking for their feedback is on the top of the list.

Evaluation links are shared through Zoom CHAT or upon exiting the event.  If you did not receive a post evaluation link, the post email from RIAIMH will include the link again.

Evaluations must be completed by all who wish to receive a CEU credit.

Continuing Education & Nursing Units: optional

Full attendance and participation in the small group exercises meets the qualifications for 2.0 hours of continuing education credit as required by the National Association of Social Workers, Rhode Island Chapter-NASW units, Northeast Multi Division (NEMD) for Nursing Professionals and the Center for Early Learning Professionals (CELP)-credit for Rhode Island's Early Childhood workforce.

In order to receive CE/CN Units, participants must register and purchase CE or CN units ($25) during event registration (CE/CN unit price is NOT included in registration).

Reminder, full attendance and participation in small group exercises are required in order to receive CE/CN units and no partial credit will be offered (participants must join meeting by 8:45 am at the latest). Failure to meet these requirements will prohibit RIAIMH from issuing certificates and no refund will be provided.

Participation Certificate:

All attendees will receive a Participation Certificate. This certificate lists speakers, title, date, and Infant Mental Health (IMH) Competencies®. Please use these competencies in your IMH Endorsement® Application. 

Please let us know if you have questions. program@riaimh.org     

Infant Mental Health Competencies®:

All RIAIMH events are aligned to the IMH-Competencies® .  They will be listed on your Participation or Continuing Education or Nursing Certificate.

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RIAIMH members can see materials from past events HERE

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RIAIMH is a founding member of the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health.

RIAIMH is an affiliate of the World Association for Infant Mental Health.

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