The steps to RIAIMH Endorsement are:

  1. Become a member of RIAIMH
  2. Review the information on our website about the RIAIMH Infant Mental Health Competencies and Endorsement System ® . Contact the RIAIMH Endorsement Coordinator Lynn DeMerchant, , with any questions
  3. Use the “Getting Started” self study guide
  4. Register in the EASy system at
  5. Complete Registration on EASy and pay $25 registration fee
  6. EASy will email your temporary password to set up your account
  7. The Endorsement Coordinator will email more detailed information and advise as needed
  8. Complete your portfolio and submit with appropriate fee
  9. Approved Infant Mental Health Specialist and Infant Mental Health Mentor applicants will take the Endorsement Exam when they are ready
  10. Official notification of  Endorsement will be mailed
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