Training Opportunities with Children’s Friend Community

Children’s Friend in Providence provides trainings approved by Professional Development Center with Early Care Educators starting in March to June! These trainings, usually occurring on evenings, are open to the community (such as anyone in the early care education field or any stuff) to obtain credit for credentials. Some topics in training typically include mental health (with a child welfare slant). These trainings usually last 2 hours in length, and interested participants can choose whichever one they can go to. See below.

(below from Children’s Friend Community newsletter)

Rediscover Childhood: This Time with Intention!

The clock is ticking! You need your training hours! Discover what the professional development buzz is about at Children’s Friend. If you hold yourself to a higher standard, this season’s training opportunities are sure to grab your attention! Be the achiever you were meant to be!

Register NOW!

See schedule of all events here:

All trainings will be held at:
350 Point Street
Providence, RI 02903

Cost for Training

Individual sessions: $25 (all trainings are eligible for a multiples discount)
2 trainings: $45
3 trainings: $65
4 trainings: $90

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