Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health® Formed to Provide Support for IMH Associations!

On June 9th, MI-AIMH and partner IMH association representatives voted to formalize the informal group known as “the league of states” into now a non-profit organization called the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health, Inc. ® (Alliance®).  This alliance is comprised of all state IMH association members licensed to use Competency Guidelines® and Endorsement®, and has an Alliance® Board of Directors, and two staff persons (an executive director and associate/endorsement director) supporting the work of the Alliance®.

With the dramatic growth of the number of IMH associations licensed to use Competency Guidelines® and Endorsement®, the Alliance® can better respond to interest from these new state associations, provide assistance in using this new workforce development system, manage the Infant Mental Health Journal, and promote the interests of infants, toddlers, young children, and their family.

Here are the new Alliance Officers, Board of Directors and staff members:

Alliance Officers

President: Margaret Holmberg, PhD (Connecticut AIMH)
Vice President: Susan Dickstein, PhD (Rhode Island AIMH)
Secretary: Mary Warren, PhD (Arizona ITMHCA)
Treasurer: Cathy Liesman, PhD (Michigan AIMH)

Board of Directors

Carrie Banks Patterson, LMSW (Michigan AIMH)
Joy Browne, PhD (New Mexico AIMH)
Sadie Funk (First3Years Texas AIMH))
Sheryl Goldberg, LMSW (Michigan AIMH)
Fran Jozefowicz, MSN (Michigan AIMH)
Kate Rosenblum, PhD (Michigan AIMH)
Barry Wright, PhD (Michigan AIMH)

Staff Members

Executive Director: Deborah Weatherson, PhD (from IMH-E®)
Associate Director and Endorsement Director: Nichole Paradis, LMSW (from IMH-E®)

For more information about the new Alliance, click here.

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