What We Do

Framed within a theoretical perpective that underscores the importance of a child’s earliest years, our work at the Rhode Island Association for Infant Mental Health (RIAIMH) focuses on supporting relationships between (and among) young children and the adults (parents/caregivers/providers) who care for and protect them. Our members—the diverse workforce that serves to promote healthy relationhships for infants, young children and families —collaborate to integrate infant mental health principles into real-life settings, effecting tangible change for young children and families across Rhode Island.

To do this, RIAIMH promotes a nationally established set of infant/early childhood mental health competency guidelines and an endorsement system to acknowledge the expertise of the diverse array of providers in the infant/early childhood and family workforce in Rhode Island.


We were founded by researchers in 2002, and our work remains firmly rooted in theoretical knowledge, scientific inquiry and evidence-based practice. RIAIMH members have the opportunity to participate on the Alliance Research Committee which works to contribute evidence for issues such as the effectiveness of attachment-based interventions; and strategies to assess reflective supervision/consultation.


To best support the mental health and well being of our most vulnerable youngsters, we work to create connected systems of care in our community. Our workshops and trainings are designed for professionals who represent a wide array of disciplines—such as nursing, social work, psychology, early care and education,pediatrics, medicinechild welfare, and early intervention. We focus on relationship-based and reflective foundations inherent in promoting—infant/early childhood mental health preventing non-optimal outcomes in contexts of risk, and intervening when problems are evident.


We’re linked in to a large network of national and international infant/early childhood mental health professionals, and we help our members stay up to date on news, best practices, and training opportunities in the field. We encourage our interdisciplinary members to get involved, share resources, and learn from one another, too.