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The Rhode Island Association for Infant Mental Health (RIAIMH) is the leading membership organization for professionals concerned with the social and emotional well being of pregnant women, young children (birth to five) and their families in Rhode Island. Those who become involved with RIAIMH have the opportunity to shape future activities and network with others in the field. As a RIAIMH member, you can help drive our work by participating on our Board of Directors or on committees that oversee marketing and outreach, education programs and public policy initiatives.

Why Should You Become  a Member?

  • Build your credentials—We offer workshops, trainings and other continuing education opportunities for professionals. RIAIMH members receive discounts on trainings that we offer.
  • Stay current—We monitor and share local, national and international news, policy developments and best practices in the infant/early childhod mental health field. We also publish and distribute an electronic newsletter for our members to keep them informed about association activities and other vital issues.
  • Expand your network—Those involved with RIAIMH have opportunities to meet others engaged in work to support infant/early childhod mental health while participating in trainings and events.
  • Become endorsed—We offer the opportunity for professionals to receive nationally recognized endorsement that acknowledges your commitment to and expertise in infant/early childhood mental health principles and practices.

How to Become Involved

There are plenty of ways to become involved with RIAIMH. If you share the same passion about fostering the mental health and well-being of pregnant women, young children (birth to five) and their families, by supporting the infant/early childhood mental health principles and practices in Rhode Island, we would like to meet you! Sign up to inquire about becoming an Event Volunteer, Committee Member, Business Supporter, or Board Member. Read the descriptions below and fill out the forms below.

Event Volunteer/Supporter:

RIAIMH Hosts several events throughout the year such as conferences, brown bag dinners, movie nights, and conferences. Event volunteers are a big help in carrying out RIAIMH events. They might help set up the venue, greet our guests and help them sign in, and distribute information. Event volunteers could offer their time, or in-kind gifts/donations towards the event. If you would like to become more involved with RIAIMH by becoming a volunteer, please click here to fill out the form.


Committee Member:

RIAIMH has several committees to assist in carrying out its operations. Below is a list of committees you might be interested in joining. Committees include a board member and who works together with members to accomplish important tasks. The board member gives updates during the monthly RIAIMH board meeting. Please click here to fill out form.

– Program Committee

– Partnership and Fund Development Committee

– Website Committee


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